Feeling uninspired or simply lost your passion for fashion?

BBC's "You Are What You Wear" Fashion Stylist Lucie Clifford is here to crack your clothing conundrum.


Reinvent or revive your style whilst letting her do all the work for you.

Find the fun in fashion and gain a renewed confidence with an easy online one to one experience with an expert.

Lucie can make creating a wardrobe simple, freeing up crucial time needed for other parts of your life.

With over a decade of experience Lucie has worked all over the world creating content for magazines, styling for major brands and celebrities, but the most rewarding part, styling real  people, who just need that little push in the right direction, helping them onto the path of looking and feeling better inside and out.


Lucie recently made the conscious decision to devote more one-on-one time to clients, making her services more accessible to everyone, and customising her work to meet my clients’ individual styling needs.  No matter what shape or size or how you are feeling about your self image, Lucie is here to help create a better you. Take a look around, and if you feel you ready to make a change, feel free to reach out and take the next step.