Adrienne Muir, COO

I am a COO for a UK Scale-up business and post lockdown I was in need of a wardrobe detox and a good talking too.   My love for lockdown comfort was immense, intervention was needed to just help me feel me again. 

Someone mentioned Lucie and she was exactly what the doctor ordered.  She safely helped remove me from my lockdown hoodie, gave me the confidence to put my "nice" clothes back on and just genuinely was a great person to chat to. 

Immediately disarming, a mother and a wonderful buxom babe..she "had me at hello". 


Lucie is so clear, informative, funny and knowledgeable.  I didn't need a new look, I just needed to have someone to help get me back on track.  I can see Lucie helping style people from all walks of life, and she def helped this 45-year-old working mother of two.  I love her, she really is the best.

Phil and Ali Disc-68.jpg

Phil & Ali

Getting married and being extremely under confident in wearing formal attire, I turned to my wife-to-be and suggested we find someone to help us! I knew I wanted to be listened to and to be taken seriously. I needed someone who could hear my insecurities, recognise my confidence issues and generally just “get me”.

Finding Lucie put all that to bed. Her personable and incredibly friendly approach put us at ease. She’s a true professional and knows her industry and what’s cutting edge in fashion.

Both Ali and I felt safe and relaxed with Lucie’s critique as to what would work and what wouldn’t. As our wedding outfits came together Lucie paid particular attention to finer details and even made us think about texture and colour and how to wear things in a particular way to complement our shapes.

We were so delighted with the final result. Feeling comfortable and at ease on the big day was something we both really wanted to achieve and with Lucie we were able to do just that.She was a joy to work with and will remain always a very treasured part of our journey to finally getting married!


Anna Jones, Communications

The past year has been tricky for most of us. Personally I’ve put on weight, totally lost my style confidence and had pretty much given up on making an effort, as i thought I looked awful in everything. Then I found Lucie! She is a total joy to work with, put me completely at ease, had me trawling through my entire wardrobe on FaceTime and laughing whilst doing it.


Her guidance throughout was honest, thoughtful and considered.


She put together a very comprehensive style guide and shopping list and was always on hand to answer my questions. I’ve found some really lovely pieces through working with Lucie, but more importantly she’s helped me find my style and confidence again.  So much so I have even gone on a lockdown date and felt bloody wonderful dressed head to toe in my new clothes too!